Admins can authenticate to the Admin User Panel with two-factor verification. At the logon, process admins provide their credentials at the first step, after the successful first step authentication phase they receive a one-time code, providing the one-time code to the login page they complete the two-factor authentication process. Thus users can enter their workspace more securely. To enable this feature, navigate to Management Portal > Security> 2FA Admin, toggle on the Two Factor Authentication.

The verification code can be sent via e-mail or SMS, or TOTP can be activated.

When the default verification is selected, the duration of the verification code, length can be changed by the system administrator.

When TOTP is selected, time tolerance can be adjusted. For users who have previously activated TOTP integration, it is also possible to perform a reset from this field. The user you want to reset should be written in the search field and the Reset button should be pressed.

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