Link approval and sharing management give the ability to the approvers to review/control the links/sharing before they are sent. Approvers can approve or deny the link/sharing sending activity based on their justification. Navigate to Management Panel > Data Governance > Approval Management,  add new Approve Admins by clicking the "Add New Approval Group" button. Then groups or users can be added to these group, with that, all link create activities of the added users or groups needs to be processed by the Governance Policy Settings.

It is possible to make a pre-defined decision in order not to disrupt the approval flow for cases where users who are included in the approval flow may be passive in cases such as deletion of the users, changes in the management system. In cases such as the deletion of the approver, the decision to be made on their behalf can be selected from the "General Approval Decision" field.

If administrators from users' own systems (AD/SAML etc.) will be used instead of the approval group mechanism in the system, the "User Management System Enabled" button at the top of the page should be activated.


When the "User Manager System Enabled" button is activated, the created approval groups and the Governance Policy Settings where these groups are used are turned into a passive state.

If users' own administrators are to be used in the system, users entered in the Exclude Users field are exempted from the approval flow, even if they have administrators.

If the approval mechanism is to be added manually, the "Add New Approval Group" button should be pressed.

Approval group name should be entered on the screen that opens.

There are two methods to determine Approve Admins

     1.) Horizontal Adding (Succession)

     2.) Vertical Adding ( Sequential)

Horizontal Adding, more than one admin can be added to the same level, approve requests will be sent to all the admins added in the same row. Approve requests can be fulfilled by one of these admins.

Vertical Adding, admins can be added from sequence zero to onward. Link/sharing approve request first goes to admin added to the sequence zero if this admin approves the request and there is another admin in the sequence one, the request will transfer to sequence 1. This process will continue until it reaches out to end of all sequences. 

It can be used as a hybrid of both vertical and horizontal adding. The following image is an example of horizontal adding the first row. In the approval, the test and ftest user first receives approval at the same time. If either of them approves, it is submitted to the mtest user's approval.

To add a new row, the add button in the upper right corner should be used.

If the approval groups are updated, the user needs to make a selection so that the flows related to that group are not affected. An action must be selected from the screen that appears.

  • Restart Process: Transactions waiting for the approval of the approval group will start the approval process again over the updated approval group.
  • Resume Process: Transactions waiting for the approval of the approval group will continue the approval process over the updated approval group.
  • Approve: Transactions waiting for the approval of the approval group will be approved.
  • Reject: Transactions waiting for the approval of the approval group will be rejected.
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