From the Auto Sync Setting field, the system administrator can enter an auto sync policy rule for end users.

When you enter the page, if there are any rules that have been added before, they are listed and they can be edited. A rule can be added by clicking the "Add New Rule" button in the upper right corner.

NameAutomatic sync policy rule name. It is used to find the rules that have been entered more easily.

User-Group This is the area where people and groups that will be affected by the rule are selected.
Sync PeriodThis is the field in which the period interval that synchronization will take place is selected.
Maximum Sync File Size

This is the area where the maximum limit for the files to be synchronized is determined. Files larger than the number entered here will not be synchronized.


"0" must be entered in this field to synchronize all files with no size limit.

Sync DirectionThe direction of synchronization is selected. "Local to Server" synchronization is the option where selected files on the desktop are integrated with the server. In "Bidirectional" synchronization, changes made to the files on the server are also reflected in the selected files on the desktop.
Directory PathAreas such as desktop and documents can be synchronized as well as the file path can be specified. To specify the file path, the Custom field must be selected from the drop-down list. The file path that needs to be synchronized is entered in the text field on the side. To specify a user-based path, the keyword {username} should be used in the directory path. After the relevant selections are made, the add button is clicked to add. More than one directory path can be specified.
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