The Administrator can map the existing File Server to the FileOrbis. From the Management Panel navigate to Common File System to add the path for the existing sharing located on a File Server. As the current File System, NTFS, Amazon S3, SharePoint, OpenStack Swift, Azure Blob Storage,Dell EMC OneFS, SFTP or FTP can be connected. There will be differences in the information to be requested according to the selection. This structure is mentioned in the field of File System.

Edit the configuration. Use this button to change the folder path.

Used for adding Path Restriction Rules. Permissions can be restricted by FileOrbis.

Delete the configuration


Permission can be added to the folder or file that you want to add permission to, by clicking the "Add Permission" button after hovering over the file system in the left area.


It is possible to download file path or user-based access reports from the reports area in the upper right corner.


On the right top corner, from the reports button download reports based on the path or user.

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