It is the area where the actions to be taken in case of an event can be programmed. Rules can be added from Admin, Management Panel → Data Governance → Data Governance Policy Settings field.

A rule can be created by clicking the Add New Rule button. Whatever action is required to be taken first, it should be selected from that list. By entering the rule name, you can proceed to the next step.

It is possible to apply filters for the operation you have selected. The filter can be added by clicking on the Filter Type button in the upper right area of the Filter Details tab.


In the rule information tab, there may be differences in filters by action.

The User-Group filter is used to filter the person performing the action. This filter is used if the rule is not intended to affect all users.

The tag filter allows filtering according to sensitive data tags added automatically by the system.

With the Request Source filter, it is possible to filter according to the user application where the operation is made.

With the link filter, action can be taken for operation scope and trusted domains.

With the IP filter, rules can be added according to the IPs from which the request is made.

With the Location filter, rules can be added according to the operation location such as team folder, my folder, etc.

With the share filter, filtering can be added for shares based on duration, authorization and sharing duration. It is also possible to filter the conditions between authorizations.

When you apply a tag filter to a rule, it is possible to associate multiple parameters. In the above example, the document must contain 2 or more TR ID and more than 3 credit card or IBAN numbers in order to be attached to the filter. Relationships in terms of and/or can be created with the + button next to each row.

As the last step, it should be selected which action should be taken when the situation entered in the previous steps occurs. It can block the operation as an action, notification or e-mail can be sent to the desired user or can be sent to the approval mechanism for link creation and file sharing.


The blocking option is active in cases where notification or e-mail is not selected. If the Block button seems passive, previously added e-mail and notification sending actions should be deleted.

The rule is saved by clicking the Save button.

With the Event Viewer area, a list of events captured by Data Governance Policy rules is displayed.

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