This feature used for Full-text search and requires separate setup files and procedures needs to be installed. Full Text Search settings can be adjusted from Admin Panel → Search Settings → Full Text Search.

Task Queue Host is the server on which Full Text Search runs.

Full Text Search sends a request to the FileOrbis server to retrieve the file content. From which URL to send this request is selected from the Recall field. The external and internal addresses are entered via Admin Panel → Advanced Settings → System Addresses.

Index Management

Indexes are divided according to folder types and properties.

Profile Folders: This is the workspace given to the users from FileOrbis, all the user's files and folders keep in Profile Folders.

Public Network Folders, Private Network Folders, and Team Folders are fields that can be configured from Admin Panel→File System Federation.

Links section contains only static links.

Operations can be made with the buttons next to the relevant fields.

Download the difference report of the index as an excel file

Reindex the files and folders.

Sync the files, after installation firstly this needs to be run

Shows the number of the files after a sync or reindex.

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