After the user selects the "Create Link" option on the folder/file, the link creation window opens for the user. 

The boxes next to the options of “preview”, “upload” and “download” should be checked depending on the permissions that the users who would access the link are intended to have. You can select the “Upload” option to create an upload link. Link receivers can upload to this area. The user should also check the “download” box to make sure that the file or folder could be downloaded from the link. The “Preview” box should be marked to ensure that the file could be viewed without downloading. Download and Upload can be selected at the same time. In this case, both the data in the folder can be downloaded and the people receiving the link can upload new data into this folder. 

You should enter an upload limit regarding the size of files and folders that would be uploaded to the link. The valid amount entered by the user in the “Upload quota” field is determined as the quota of the link, and uploading over that limit is not allowed. Uploading up to the quota limit defined by the user is allowed. The system shows a warning message and cancels upload for any limit excess.

The Download Limit field is active when Download authorization is selected. Indicates the limit of downloads to be made via the link. A value of '0' represents unlimited downloads.

If you want to e-mail the URL of the link to other users, you can enter valid e-mail addresses in “Send to these e-mail addresses”.E-mail addresses defined in the system can be added quickly with the auto-complete feature. (This feature can be turned on or off by the system administrator. 


The semicolon can be used as a delimiter to add multiple email addresses.


Maximum numbers of e-mail addresses are 30

You can choose different options to customize your inks. The options are listed below.

Add expiration dateThe user can use the "Add expiration date" button for the link's access time. It can be created 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, as well as creating an expiry date for the link by specifying a special day and time. When this button is not activated, the link remains active until it is canceled.
Add password protectionUsers must activate the add password button in order to give access to the link they created with the instant password feature or with the password they have determined. An instant password feature is a password sent by the system to the e-mail address of the user accessing the link as an e-mail or as an SMS to the telephone number when the link is accessed. If the instant password feature is not selected, a password can be created manually, or by using the "Password Generator" button, a password can be created by the system with special configurations. This password will be needed to access the link.
Add IP protectionThe users can activate the "Add IP protection" button so that the link they have created can only be accessed over a specific IP. In this area, IPs can be added individually or as IP blocks. If there are IPs defined by the system administrator in the system, IP selection can also be made from the drop-down list.
Customize notificationsThe user is informed of the transactions made on the link created through notifications. Notifications are managed from the general "Settings" section of the system. If you want to create notifications specific to an external link, you can open this field and make the necessary adjustments.
Add messageThe users can make a note to the user in the link they will create, and if there is a message, they can activate the "Add message" button and write his notes in the box to appear in the created link.
Static copyThe link of the file can be sent as a static or live link. The static link, shares the snapshot of the document at the sent time, while the live link provides the sharing of the document at the time it reaches the recipient. If the static copy button is not active, the transmission will be made as a live link. In the live link, if the sender makes changes to the document, this situation is reflected in the receiver too.
FTPIf enabled, the link is executed over the FTP protocol. Anonymous user or password protection options are available.
SFTPIf enabled, the transmission will be made over the SFTP protocol. Anonymous user, password protection, and password sending via SMS are available. For SFTP,  key file authentication is also available for establishing a secure connection.
PGP encryptionBy toggling on the PGP file encryption feature, documents can be encrypted with PGP protocol.
Link warning messageIt is possible to choose between the warning texts added to the system by the administrator. The person to whom you send the link will see the warning text here before accessing the link. This feature allows the persons accessing the link to take action by approving the texts such as disclaimer.

After selecting the relevant configurations described above, you can click the "Create" button to create the link or cancel the link creation process by clicking the "Cancel" button.


The areas mentioned above are those that can be intervened by the administrator. Some of these areas may be mandatory or restricted by the administrator, without leaving the discretion of the user.


After the link is created, it is possible to create a short link with the "Create Short Link Address" button on the screen where the link is displayed.


Your link approval mechanism may be active by your administrator, in this case, your link will reach the approvers before it is created. Once approved, your link will be approved or rejected depending on the situation. You can access notifications about the status of your link from the notification area.


The links created can be accessed from the "My Links" tab on the sidebar menu.

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