An approval mechanism can be applied to your internal sharing. If the approval mechanism is open, it goes to the approval of the people who will give approval before your sharing is active, and if these users approve your sharing, your sharing will be active or rejected.

There can be more than one approver person in the approval flow. In this case, a sequential flow is followed and after one authority approves, it will be forwarded to the approval of the other authority.

The status of the sharing is notified to the user via notification at every stage. The status of the sharing can be followed from the notifications area.

If the sharing approval authority is active for your user when you want to share a file/folder, a screen will appear stating that your sharing will be sent to administrator approval, and if you wish, you can add a notification message for your administrator to this field. (It should be also mandatory)

If you are a user with the approval authority, you will be notified via a notification when a new approval request is received. By clicking the relevant notification you will be directed to the confirmation page. You can approve the link or reject it from this field. Sequential approval or parallel approval structures are available in the system. Even if you receive a notification for sharing approval, if a parallel approval authority is defined (person A or person B can approve), other authorities can also approve. In the sequential approval structure (person A approves first and then presented to user B for approval), there may be other managers subject to approval flow before or after you.


Internal sharing editing can be sent to an approval mechanism.


The system administrator sets the link /sharing approval administrators. These privileges can be set manually or get from the Active Directory manager attribute. The system administrator should be consulted in case of problems with authorization.

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