Link approval management gives the ability to the approvers to review/control the links before they are sent. Approvers can approve or deny the link sending activity based on their justification. Navigate to Management Panel > Link Settings > Link Approval Management,  add new Approve Admins by clicking the "Add New Link Approval Group" button. Then groups or users can be added to these group, with that, all link create activities of the added users or groups needs to be processed by the Link Approve Admins.

Default Approval MechanismDefine the default action that Approve Admins will apply to the links
Operation ScopeDetermine the scope for sending links to approve, based on permissions given in the link creation process
Block Editing Approved LinkTurn on/off the editing of the approved links
Trusted DomainsAdd domains to be whitelisted from the Link Approve process.
Active Directory Manager Active

Active this feature to get the Approve Admins from Active Directory's Manager attributes. Link approves will be sent to Managers defined in the Active Directory. 

When this feature is open Link Approve Admins option will be disabled.

User Manager System EnableBy activating this field, a list of excluding users who can share a link without being included in the approval mechanism can be created.

Link Approve Admins

There are two methods to determine Approve Admins

     1.) Horizontal Adding (Succession)

     2.) Vertical Adding ( Sequential)

Horizontal Adding, more than one admins can be added to the same level, approve request will be sent to all the admins added in the same row. Approve request can be fulfilled by one of these admins.

Vertical Adding, admins can be added from sequence zero to onward. Link approve request first goes to admin added to the sequence zero if this admin approves the request and there is another admin in the sequence one, the request will transfer to sequence 1. This process will continue until it reaches out to end of the all sequences. 

Define Approve Admins, edit the sequence of admins. After making changes a warning message will be displayed about what kind of actions to be taken for the existing links

Define the users or groups will be governed by defined admins

Delete the link approve rule

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