Administrators can enable scheduled tasks to perform several jobs such as "Garbage Collector", "Disk Usage Reporter" and "File Disposer". These tasks may have daily or weekly schedules, also administrators are able to get reports to their defined e-mail addresses by selecting the checkbox next to "Send a report to e-mail address". To set these tasks to navigate to Management Panel > Scheduled Task. These tasks only effective for "My Folder" workspace.

To activate the task, toggle on the buttons next to each task and specify the Schedule Time and Schedule Interval then click the save button on the top right corner of the console.

Scheduled TasksDescription
Disk Usage ReporterBy enabling the "Disk Usage Reporter" scheduled task administrators are able to receive reports about disk usage by e-mail. If available disk space drops under 15 percent Administrators will get an alert e-mail. To configure this task navigate to Management Panel > Scheduled Tasks > Disk Usage Reporter toggle on the and set the options shown below in the table.
File DisposerDelete files permanently based on Creation Time, Last Write Time, Last Access Time. Expiration Days must be set to determine when to take the action. If no user or group specified, all users will be effected
Full Text Search IndexerPeriodically synchronizes the index of the documents and folders 
Garbage CollectorThe administrator can run the "Garbage Collector" task to clean up the expired links, uncompleted uploads that remained in the temp folder of the system. This task has schedule options for daily or weekly. To configure navigate to the Management Panel > Scheduled Tasks > Garbage Collector and specify the options shown below;
Recycle Bin CleanerPeriodically empties users' trash cans. 

Auto Tag Scanner

it performs a full system scan for newly added tags and newly added files.
LDAP SYNCIt ensures that changes in LDAP users are periodically transferred to the system.


The file disposer permanently deletes the files when activated. Due to the effect on the My Folder workspace all the linked files and shared files will be deleted as well.


Full Text Search Indexer can be enabled if only Search Settings configured under Management Panel.

You can create a repeat task for a scheduled task. You can specify how long and how often to create repetitions in the Task repetition field.

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