This feature helps to analyze Turkish Identification Number, Credit Card Number, and Custom Regex from indexed documents that reside on the FileOrbis platform. It is possible to search based on user, date, and file location (including trash). As a result of the scan, it shows the in which file includes how many data in which type. After scanning, it provides output by showing the path of the relevant files, the file owner, and the creation date. The administrator can navigate to the Management Panel > Data Governance to configure the scans.


This feature can be used only if the search settings set.
Predefined Auto Tag Types

Credit Card Number

Central Registry Number

TC Passport Number
Blood TypeIBANGSM Number
Home Phone Number

Address Comprehensive


Analysis can be done for all data, as well as data type, user, file location, and date based.

If filtering is done according to sensitive data type, it is possible to filter on data count of sensitive data. When sensitive data is selected from the table, number information can be entered from the field that opens.

Additionally, in the case where the file cannot be read, the tags printed on the relevant files and indicating that analysis cannot be performed are listed below.

Etiket AdıAçıklama
UnsupportedFiles that cannot be read/supported by the system for analysis are tagged with this tag.
Failed ExtractionDocuments facing problems in the process of converting the files to text for analysis are marked with this tag.
Maximum DepthFiles that cannot be analyzed due to the maximum depth limitation in compressed files are tagged in this way
TimeoutWhen the allowed time for analyzing a file has been exceeded the file is tagged with this tag.
EncryptedThe file is encrypted, so it could not be analyzed.
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