It is the file area that the administrator adds to the teams specially. From the Management Panel navigates to Common File System→ File System Federation → Team Folder to add the path. As the current File System, NTFS, Amazon S3, SharePoint, OpenStack Swift, Azure Blob Storage, SFTP, or FTP can be connected. There will be differences in the information to be requested according to the selection. This structure is mentioned in the field of File System.

With the "Add Team Folder" button, a new team folder can be added and authorizations can be configured on a user basis. The file system must be selected.

File System SelectionExplanation
Use Default Team Folders File SystemDefault File System is used as a team folder area. If the default file system changes, this area also is changed.
Copy From Default Team Folders File SystemCreates a copy of the file system added with the "Set File System" button.
Custom File System If a special file system is to be added, after selecting the special file system field from the drop-down list, the "Set File System" button must be pressed and the file system addition steps must be provided.

After selecting the file system, the folder name and usage quota must be added.


Define quota as 0 to set the quota as unlimited.


The Team Folder feature may be disabled in the global operation restrictions, when you want to use this feature, it is recommended to check the permissions in the global operation restriction field.

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