Active Directory, LDAP, Azure AD and Single Sign On configurations can be made during the installation or after the installation from Management Panel > Advance Settings > User Store then click the "New ". 

First, the User Authenticator Providers must be defined with the Add button. After defining the authenticator providers, the user store can be added. First of all, the user store type should be selected by clicking the Add. Authenticators that can be used according to the selected user store type can be selected from the list. After all the necessary information is entered, the adding process is completed by clicking save. For detailed information please check FileOrbis User Store And Authenticator Providers .


It is recommended to check the Authenticator Providers and User resources adding stages with the Check Configuration button.


With the "Block distribution groups" option, the entry of non-security groups can be blocked.


Administrator and mobile information can be changed according to the Active Directory attribute value in the Custom Attributes field in the User Store area.


Users must be added in the User/Group Management field for login operations. The operation can be provided with the feature of adding groups or users.


For users connecting to FileOrbis plugins with Windows Authentication connection, Windows Authentication must be added to the Authenticator provider type field.

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